View Full Version : Questions about LockPermissions Table

07-29-2004, 01:02 PM

1) How can I set 'Access denied' permission to a file using LockPermissions table? I want to set some of my files to be protected - access is denied. The IS document says using GENERIC_READ won't work, so what constant should I use? I looked through winnt.h, and couldn't see one that will do it.

2) If I want to set up the file permissions to a user group (say "my users"), instead of a specific user, how can I fill the LockPermissions columns?

IS experts or supporters, please help me with a COMPLETE filled row, say if I want to set "myfile.exe" to "Access Denied" to "my users" user group. Or tell me that ISDev704 (Basic) can't do it. I read through all the related topics, and got completely lost now ...