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07-28-2004, 06:58 PM
I must be missing something but I cannot get the device drivers to work in my install.

I have a completely custom installscript that goes through my MoveFileData function and and upon moving all the files and soon as it hits Removing Backup files, I get a -1603 error message through my HandleMoveDataError function. Unfortunately even with the proper script in there it does not say which feature, file or component causes this.

This only happens if the setup type i have chosen (I have anywhere from 9-15 setup types depending on which package i have chosen) contains device drivers. I have 3 different drivers that get installed based on the install type that is picked.

Basically in this setup i have

Setup Type 1-5 that use DriverA
Setup Type 6-9 that use DriverB

And then I have two other functions that set registry values and feature values to on or off based on their selection.

Then in comes to the sdStartCopy screen, then onto STATUSEX, it makes it all the way too the end before it gives me the error.

It will work fine it I disable the device driver features.

Any advice?