View Full Version : Install problems on Win2003

07-21-2004, 06:42 PM
We have a set of installation packages created with InstallShield v7 (SP4) that have been working fine now for a couple of years across all operating systems (including Win2003). However, we have started seeing install failures now with Win2003 systems that have all the latest Microsoft security patches and service packs and we can find NO way of resolving this.

The installations fail generally at the end when the product publishing action is running, with by just rolling back without any error, or giving an error "The wizard was interrupted...." and then rolling back. We initially thought it might be something to do with merge modules, but one of our failing installation packages does not have a single merge module. We don't think it is anything in our Instalshield project configuration because it all worked 100% before now, so the likely cause if that one of the Microsoft security patches has gone and broken something that Installshield relies on.

Anyone got any ideas?

07-21-2004, 06:50 PM
Here are the install logs for one of the failing installation packages (the smallest simplest one without any merge modules)