View Full Version : Install a dynamically created MSI package

07-20-2004, 05:03 AM
Hi everybody!
I've a problem with Developer 7.03; I've a dynamically created MSI package that I need to install via InstallScript (in an Installed event of a specific feature); I tried to use LaunchAppAndWait with msiexec and with the msi package directly, but with the same result: a message box displaying a text for completing the current setup before launching a new one. I tried with a custom action, but this required an existing msi package, but my package is created during the setup (it's a COM+ proxy exported runtime).
Is there a solution for this problem?

Thanks for your help!

Fabio Clabot
07-21-2004, 04:50 AM
Hi matteo,
I have the same problem!
It' not possible to launch an .msi file in an msi installation...
i really don't know how to manage this problem.

bye bye! :( :( :(