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Thomas Bakonyi
07-18-2004, 11:15 PM

I am a relatively new user to InstallShield and I have been trying to include a custom dialog into my install. There doesnt seem to be any very clear instructions on how to do this in a step by step procedure.

So far, I have created my custom dialog but I am not sure on what steps I need to take to display it in my install. The whole concept of the _isuser.dll is very confusing to me.

Does anyone have a step by step reference on how to include a custom dialog into their install? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


07-20-2004, 04:03 AM
You said you already designed the dialog. This means that you did the first step of this process.

Next you have to write a dialog function, which handles the dialog and it's behaviour. See the attached script file for a sample of such a dialog script file. You will need the id of the dialog and the controls.

Change the script using your dialog id and the id of your contols. Place the script in your script folder in the file system.

Insert the script file in your project.

On top of the main script file, before you may call this new function, you have to include the script file also:

#include "YourScriptFile.rul"

Also you have to declare a prototype (forward declaration):

prototype TmsEurotransServerAddrDlg (byref string, byref string);

Finally, you may call this function from within your setup script to display the dialog. The function returns if the user presses Next or Back.

That's all.