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07-16-2004, 02:09 PM
I'm having trouble getting my logs to work how I expect them to. In my first test, I have configured the standard "Log File" and the "Optional File" in the Wizard Log interface to be $P(absoluteInstallLocation)/standard.log and $P(absoluteInstallLocation)/optional.log. When I run the installer I get an error in the console right as the first dialog appears:

WARNING: could not write using log service: ServiceException: (error code = 399; message = "optional log file is not defined"; severity = 0)

It doesn't like my setting for the optional file. Then I finish running the installer and the standard log file isn't written to my installation directory either. No error message for the standard log appears in the console or the log.txt. I don't know what must be done to get one of these two logs to appear the way I want.

Now if I try setting the optional file to a hard-coded location like 'C:\testInstall\optional.log', the file will be written there. Of course, I want the log file to be written to the user-selected installation directory. Is there a way to achieve this with either the standard or optional log? Interestingly, I've found if I run the installer again without uninstalling first, I still get the above WARNING in the console but both of my logs will be written as desired. I wonder if this is because the 'absoluteInstallLocation' is resolvable from the previous installation but on a fresh install the installer can't resolve it somehow.

Any ideas?

07-19-2004, 03:07 PM
The Installer -> Wizard Log -> Log file / Optional Log file might not be able to resolve string resolvers.

Product -> Product Tree Properties has a Standard Property called Log file. Try changing the name here to whatever you want. This property is relative to the installlocation and should create a log file where the user selects to install the product.

Hope it helps.