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Michael J
11-09-2001, 03:09 PM
I am not a computer guy so bear with me. I just purchased express and have finished the entire process and built the release. Simple enough, but the auto run function is not working.

When I burn the CD and check it later the inf file is there but it does not recognize and auto start.

The instuctions tell me that the autorun.inf file should be placed on the root of the cd-rom.

How do I do this??

11-09-2001, 03:53 PM
What version of Express are you using?

Are you copying the contents of the Disk1 folder to the CD? So if you open the CD and look at it, you see your Setup.exe as well as the autorun.inf.

What happens if you right click on the CD (in the My Computer) and select "Open"? Does it open the CD in Windows Explorer or does it start your setup?

There is a setting which enables and disables the CD ROM from reading the autorun.inf file but I can't seem to remember what it is.

Michael J
11-09-2001, 04:18 PM
My express version is 3.51 (i think)

Yes I am copying the contents from disk 1 to the cd.
so i do see the setup.exe and autorun.inf

when I right click the cd in my computer it shows the content and does not begin set-up

Thanks for the reply