View Full Version : Add virtuak roots to IIS

07-14-2004, 04:43 AM
I stated to use InstallShield X and try to use the IIS configuration view to add vritual roots to the default web site.
The problem is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and I have no idea when.
I tested it on XP computer and it works sometimes and suddenly after some times I installed and uninstalled it stopped to work.
Anyone has any idea ???
Thanks in advance.

07-18-2004, 06:42 AM
I found the problem:
The IIS worked only when I compiled from the IDE and when I compiled from the command line it started to work only after I added the IIS lib:
IISRuntime\lib\IISRT.obl as the first lib.

The problem is no error message was issued without it and I couldn't see what's wrong.