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07-12-2004, 04:54 AM

I have for some time dived into the information related to installation and setup of MSDE 2000.
Some of the features seem to be rather straight forward.
However, there are some issues that to me, being inexperienced when it comes to InstallShield, seem to be fairly difficult.
Setting up MSDE, IIS etc. manually to use replication against SQL Server CE is quite complex setting up. And now moving up to automate this, I face several challenges.

Has anybody successfully created an installation package, that is capable of doing the following tasks:
+ Install MSDE 2000 - OK
+ Running scripts for configuring the Database
- Starting MSDE 2000 ServerAgent on a different account than System
+ Install IIS, website, and viritual directory
- Installing SQL Server CE server side components needed for replication
- Setting specific folder permissions of the viritual directories (manually regularly done through the SQL Server CE server side component)
- Running the MSDE 2000 SnapShot Agent to create the snapshots
+ Including VB.NET project
+ Including VB.NET CF project
+ Including .NET Framework
+ Including .NET Compact Framework
(The tasks with a "+" are OK, while the once with "-" are issues that I have found no good solution to.)

I hope somebody will be kind and help me out here.

Some info on my project:
I have for some time now been working on a software that will be used for health research and service delivery in low-income countries. This software is called EpiHandy and uses PocketPC’s for collecting data.

As the datastore for this application we use MSDE 2000 for the desktop and SQL Server CE for the PocketPC’s, and we use replication through IIS to synch our data and responses collected. EpiHandy is a free software developed at Centre for International Health, University of Bergen, Norway. If interested, you can find more information at www.epihandy.com

I have the software up and running, and setting it up is relatively straight forward when doing it manually. However, I’m now trying to find a way to distribute the whole package including setup of MSDE 2000, SQL Server CE, Server Agent, Replication, IIS and setting specific permissions for the virtual directories needed for replication, and I’m surprised to find that this is actually a quite complex task. I must say that I’m unfamiliar with MSI and other software installation tools.

Thank you for your assistance!
Have a nice day!
Jørn Klungsøyr
M.phil, Nurse, Developer of EpiHandy
Centre for International Health, University of Bergen
Armauer Hansen Build, 5021 Bergen, Norway
Tel: +47 913 65 731 Fax: +47 55 97 49 79
Email: jorn.klungsoyr@cih.uib.no
Web: www.cih.uib.no www.epihandy.com