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11-08-2001, 05:31 AM
I've to do an installation of an Access 2000 application with Installshield Express 3.51. The problem is that merging the .msi file of the Access 2000 runtime when my computer have installed Access 97, InstallShield overwrites all the files of 97.
I've noticed running alone the installation of the runtime it recognizes the presence of A97 and installs runtime in \Microsoft Office\ART directory without i've to change myself the installation folder.
Why doesn't Installshield use the same procedure of the original installation of the runtime? It install it without asking anything.

11-08-2001, 09:27 AM
We are currently trying to add this functionality to the Access 2000 merge module. It is a VERY popular feature request.

11-08-2001, 01:38 PM
An answer,
since the installer has overwritten the 97 files with the runtime i'm unable to reinstall Access 97. I've removed my installation from the control panel, after i've removed Access from Add/Remove of the Office Setup and after reinsert it. But when i start it an error message tell me (translated from italian) there's no license for this version. Then nothing else.
So i've remove all Office 97 and reinstalled (rebooting between removing and installing) but the same result present. Word, Excel,etc works well, only Access doesn't work.
I've install runtime 2000 with his setup, uninstall it and then uninstall Office 97(rebooting it every step). nothing.
I've removed Office 97 another time, deleting Microsoft Office directory, removing any reference in the registry about Office and MSACCESS. Nothing.
I've to reinsert Access 97 in the computer, what could be that doesn't allow Access to start but the other office compenents work?

11-08-2001, 03:22 PM

ho gli stessi stra maledetti problemi. Un gran casino. Per il tuo problema della mancata licenza è un bug di access. Per risolverlo c'è una patch da scaricare dalla microsoft che si chiama aclicn97.exe........


se non la trovi scrivimi...

ciao ciao

12-07-2001, 01:00 AM

I sent you an e-mail with my e-mail address. If you don't get it, please
post and let me know.


"Mike Marino" <michaelm@installshield.com> wrote in message
> Jeff Leiner:
> Please send me an email address I can send you a new version of the Merge
> Module at.
> Thanks,
> Mike Marino
> "Jeff L @ptd.net>" <jleiner<NoSpam> wrote in message
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> > I am attempting to change the path for the install of Access 2000. I
> > the Access2000.msm dated 9/4/01 and Developer 7.01. If I do not create
> the
> > ACCESS2000INSTALLLOCATION property, the runtime installs correctly to
> > default location. If I create the property ACCESS2000INSTALLLOCATION in
> the
> > Property managaer or by using MsiSetProperty (I did this in the before
> move
> > data, on moving function) The runtime does not install at all. Any
> > suggestions?
> > Does it matter where I call MsiSetProperty?
> >
> > Jeff Leiner
> >
> >