View Full Version : Reporting progress during install

Eric Normington
07-08-2004, 04:51 PM
I have ported a 5.5 Pro script over to X, only changing what needed to be changed to make it work. Features foxed me for a bit but I got that right eventually. I now have three outstanding issues...

1) On the progress dialog, I put some text out to describe what is being done. This works OK when I call XCopyFile to register an ActiveX control. However, when I call FeatureMoveData the text I placed on screen instantly disappears, and not comes in its place. The files being processed are duly reported on the second line, but the first is blank. I cannot find a feature property which covers this. What am I missing? Also, how can I blank out the second line when the FeatureMoveData function finishes?

2) Occasionally we are getting multiple entries in 'Add/Remove programs' in the control panel after an installation completes. Why would this be? In the old script we used to pick out the uninstall string from the registry, modify it to add an external DLL call, and create an icon in the program folder for it. This script no longer works, so I have created an OnUninstall function to do this, but how can I create an icon? How do I find the command in the registry?

3) During install, the progress box looks lonely in the middle of the screen with no caption. Is there a way I can place a dialog behind this screen? If that dialog could also be showing checked-off items as the installation progressed, rather like the old uninstaller used to do, that would be even better.