View Full Version : Environment path variables, test values, derived paths not working together

Tim Magee
07-07-2004, 10:44 AM
I've been trying to set up projects so that they can be built both from the IDE and in automation.

We have many projects. Each has an environment-based path variable called BuildRoot, and various standard path variables derived from that, eg one called Bitmaps whose value is <BuildRoot>Bitmaps.

I think this ought to work: I set up each release in each project to use test values for path variables, then enter a fixed path as the test value for each environment-based path. When run, my automated build script opens each project and for each release it tweaks the 'use test values' flag off before building.

The automated build works just fine, but trying to build from the IDE I get errors for any file linked via a derived path (like Bitmaps in my example). It's as if, when test values are in use, substitution stops working. The error messages say, for instance, that the file <Bitmaps>Splash.bmp cannot be streamed.

That would probably be sensible supposing it was possible to set test values for standard path variables, but of course it isn't, so instead it smells a bit buggy to me. Any suggestions?