View Full Version : Possible to add Dynamic Files?

11-07-2001, 11:46 AM
Is it possible to have InstallShield copy files that are not included in the build package?

Specifically, I would like to create a build that my customer will deliver to various recipients on a CD or a downloaded Zip file. However, he would like to also include some text files that change frequently. Rather than create an entire new build each time these files change, is there any way to copy these files from the setup source (CD or temp extracted zip folder) when the build is successfully installed?

Currently, I have the application copy these files once the application is initially run. However, this does not always work if the system requires a restart, since the temp zip file folder is gone by the time the application is run.

(I am using InstallShield Express ver. 2.13)

11-08-2001, 09:05 AM
I am not sure about Version 2.x but in 3.x you can launch a Custom Action at the end of your install that will do this for you. You could wrap all the text files and other extra stuff in to a Self Extracting exe using Package For The Web (Free from our website) or any other similar software, and launch that Setup.exe file as a Custom Action.

Sorry but my knowledge in Express 2.X is very poor :(