View Full Version : windows 2000 progams menu items disappears

07-06-2004, 07:07 AM
If I install a setup on Windows 2000. in which I am making one registry key 'WINSYS32' in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SoftWare
and adding one valuename data pair in it

When it installs the software it disappears all the menu items in Programs folder.

What must be the reason

Saifadam Pathan
07-12-2004, 12:08 AM

what are u trying to achieve by doing this? Can u be a litle more precise the reason for creating a key under "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SoftWare". Are u just trying to store some application data? Or is it for some other reason.

07-12-2004, 04:41 AM
I want to create a key from the Installscript that is visible to all type of the USers (Administrative, Power Users )

The keys Under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT are visible to all users on XP/2K. i.e. for Admin and non admin also.

Thats why I am creating it under it

Saifadam Pathan
07-12-2004, 05:31 AM
For all my puposes, i have always used the "HKLM\Software" and created a key within it and then added as many entries as required. This seems to work fine for all users.

Try this.