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07-05-2004, 10:34 AM
I have a custom action executable to perform regasm on all the files in the INSTALLDIR. The Executable is in the binary table, and works fine.

The custom actions table has the target field value as:

This SHOULD be the correct command line for the executable. The executable spits out a log file with the arguments and I get this:
RegAsmAll C:\Program Files\SCMFramework\"

As you will notice it has an extra Quote at the end of the second arguement. As a result my executable says it has an illeagal character in the path.

I actually tested leaving off the second quote in the target field as:

And it works! However, I don't believe it should be working this way. The quotes should bound the path to take care of the space in the path name. I've even tried adding another parameter at the end to see if it had something to do with the last character of the target field, but it still failed.

Has anyone noticed this as a problem before?

Jeff Clark

07-06-2004, 11:24 AM
I would verify the value of INSTALLDIR and destination folder structure at Files and Folders view under Application Data.

09-03-2004, 12:54 PM
It is a wierd one also.

It appears that Installer THINKS that the last backslash in the [INSTALLDIR] is an excape character. So when the string is assembled, it sees:
"[INSTALLDIR]" arg2 arg3
"C:\Program Files\folder\" arg2 arg3

and interpets the \" as an excaped quote.

This is WRONG.
There should be an Icon in the shape of a bug for this message.

For a work-around, I had to add another backslash:
"[INSTALLDIR]\" arg2 arg3
to make it interpet as
"C:\Program Files\folder\\" arg2 arg3