View Full Version : NEW RELEASE -- InstallShield X Express Edition Now Available!

Mike Marino
06-29-2004, 08:47 PM
NEW RELEASE -- InstallShield X Express Edition Now Available!
If your software installation needs have grown beyond the free InstallShield Limited Edition, check out the NEW InstallShield X Express Edition.

The new InstallShield X Express Edition provides the quickest and easiest path for creating straightforward, reliable installations. InstallShield X Express Edition guides users step-by-step through a simple checklist interface, with ready access to numerous productivity-enhancing Wizards, task-oriented views, and built-in support for over 70 third-party technologies - with no scripting required.

The new Express Edition contains many new features and enhancements for authoring quick and easy installations, including:

1. The InstallShield Update Service Starter Edition to communicate directly with your end-users about application updates, news. . .anything at all.

2. The ability to mark files as Always Overwrite

3. A new Mobile Devices View

4. New support for the Palm OS

5. A new Compact Installer for creating setups with very small footprints

6. Enhanced IIS Web Services Support

7. Enhanced Custom Actions View for making those extra "tweaks" your setup needs to meet your individual needs.

8. Newly enhanced COM+ Support

9. A convenient Find Option in the Files View

10. Dialog Text Editor to improve your end-user’s experience by editing text, graphics, and other content in your user-interface dialogs.

Compare your Limited Edition with the new InstallShield X Express Edition. (http://www.installshield.com/products/x/express/features/le_compare.asp)