View Full Version : IE install after install complete?

11-02-2001, 11:16 AM
After my installer finishes I want the Internet Explorer installer to run. However InstallShield Express 3.5 only will add custom action files and not link them. So what happens is that when the installer package is built it simply adds the IE installer executable. Then when my installer runs it does execute the IE executable, but it does so from a temp directory rather than the directory on the CD. (so it doesn't work)

All I am really interested in is knowing how to link to an executable on the source CD-ROM of the installer as a custom action or otherwise rather than have it run from a temp directory. I can't copy the whole IE5.5 setup into a temp directory.

11-02-2001, 03:42 PM
What if you use something like Package For The Web (Free from our website) and package the entire ie 5.5 setup in to a single extracting Exe. Then call this Exe as a Custom Action. This will extract the setup as well as the support files and folders to the temp folder.

Another thing you could do is add this Self Extracting Exe to the Support Files, and then call a VBScript Custom Action (or Exe or DLL) to launch it from the Temp Folder. The advantage with this is that the IE setup files will be copied to the users machine ONLY for the duration of the setup. Once your entire setup is complete, these files will be cleared up. This will also give you the advantage of running the IE setup locally.

With Express 3.53 we are including the functionality for you to run an Custom Actions from files you installed as well. This way you can distribute the IE 5.5 setup to the target machine and then run the IE Setup locally.

11-07-2001, 01:08 PM
But how can I run it off of the Install CD rather than off the target machine? I want to run it off the target CD because the IE install is 75 megs and I want to avoid copying all 75 megs to the target machine, even temporarily. It will force us to incease the minimum hard drive requirements.

11-07-2001, 03:39 PM
Since you have an uncompressed build on the CD, the SourceDir property should point to the CD ROM drive. So what if you create a VBScript that
1. get's the value of SOURCEDIR
2. appends the path of the IE setup (on the CD)
3. Run's the Setup.exe it finds there

This should not cause any install complications either if you run it after the Install Complete Dialog.

Just a thought...