View Full Version : Japanese + German + English in a single text file?

06-27-2004, 10:20 AM

I created a demo with DS, and I'm now localizing it into several languages. I need to support Europian languages, and Japanese. So far I've managed to:

1. Create a single text file for English + FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish).

2. Create a single text file for Japanese + English.

In scenario 1, I can select any of the languages (E + FIGS), and they all seemed perfectly. In scenario 2, Japanese + English also seemed perfeclty.

However, I would like to be able to have a single text file for all the above languages together. I.e., English + FIGS + Japanese.

When I tried to accomplish this, I had problems with accented characters (these are the characters with the small marks above them; e.g., a "u" with 2 dots above it). Such characters exist in German, for instance. So far I didn't manage to have a single file that can be used to display text in English, Japanese, and, say, German.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thanks a lot,