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Lou Elston
06-25-2004, 06:07 AM
Lets say that I have a question that crosses several communities...specifically a question on customized skins, relating to InstallScript projects.

If I place it only in InstallShield x, InstallScript projects, only those people who are using X, and viewing that comunity will see my question. If I want to get more possible responses, from anyone who uses InstallScript, specifically customized skins, then I have to post the thread in X, DevStudio, and at least one more community, (as customized skins started with V7?)

How to get around this?



06-25-2004, 08:28 AM
As you've pointed out, there is no way to have a post be listed across forums. This is a limitation of the software we use (due to the design of the app) and I'm not sure if even in the latest version it can be done. (it would require a massive overhaul to their internal structure)
So you would either need to re-post your query to all applicable forums or post a single one intended as the reply point, and your other posts would start the question and include a link to the "main" so persons can reply by clicking through the link.


PS. I moved this to the community feedback forum as it pertains to this site, not the main website.