View Full Version : problem when installing updates

06-24-2004, 03:15 PM

Our application is composed of a base installation (from a CD) which installs program and data files, and bimonthly data files updates (which installs from a CD too).

My problem comes when I want to make the update CD installation.

Since I don't want a new entry on the Add/Remove Program window for an update, I choose the "No uninstall of maintenance" Maintenance Experience property from the Project properties sheet. Also in the update installation I left the same GUID on the Product Properties sheet so it can update the same application.

The problem is that when I install the update, the application is not uninstalled at all.
Also other problem is that the help says that in "No uninstall of maintenance" mode the Maintenance UI is never called, but in fact the only called function is OnMaintUIBefore, and it seems never calls the OnFirstUIBefore.

Are those problems appearing because of the "No uninstall of maintenance" option?

Would it be easier to make my update installation some other way?

Thanks in advance,