View Full Version : Visual Basic custom action problem with oleaut32.dll

10-31-2001, 11:06 AM
I posted a similar message just before the old newsgroups were closed but I've still not got a solution so here goes...

In order to launch a Custom Action executable that is written in Visual Basic from ISX 3.x the appropriate OLE files (particularly oleaut32.dll) must be previously installed.

However, since the files in the Microsoft OLE 2.40 merge module do not get installed until the computer is rebooted (i.e. at the end of the install, when Finish is clicked) it is not possible to launch the Custom Action executable (it wil complain about oleaut32.dll being out of date).

The executable needs to be run as a Custom Action before the end of the install (forcing a reboot and running it when the machine is rebooted is not suitable in this case).

Has anyone got a solution for this? What I really need is a version of the Microsoft OLE 2.40 merge module that will force the computer to be rebooted, as part of the install, only if the OLE files need updating (similar to the MDAC merge module).

Any help is appreciated.