View Full Version : ISX creates empty shortcut

m. arnold
10-30-2001, 07:42 PM
hello list,
i'm using ISX 3.5 on a win98SE machine.

my project works fine, IS does everything it should except this one:

the mail executable should get a shortcut on users desktop. the icon ist created, but the link to the file is empty. all fields appear in dark grey, 'target type' (Zieltyp) and 'target location' (Zielort) are followed by totally blank space on the shortcutproperty-tab.
however, its name and icon are correctly displayed.

might the problem be the long file name (>8 letters)?

what else could be the reason?


10-31-2001, 09:17 AM
Does the shortcut work properly? These fields could be grayed out because by default Express creates something called "Advertised" shortcuts. Whenever such a shortcut is launched, it will launch Windows Installer which will make sure all the files needed for this application to run are installed. If they are not, it will quickly reinstall (or Repair) them and start the app.

For this functionality to work internally we make the shortcut point to the Feature this file is associated with. So maybe during runtime it doesn't have the proper information for these fields.