View Full Version : A tool to split large files

Lou Elston
06-22-2004, 12:06 PM

We have a very large file, (over 1GB), that we want to place on the users system as part of the installation. We do not want to have the file copied in one piece as this will take some time, and the user may wonder if the install is broke.

Is there a free tool, that does not require a license, that we can use to first break up the file into smaller pieces, and then using this same tool as part of the installation, join\merge these files together on the users system? Some kind of command line tool.

It would be nice to, as the pieces were being joined, to show a scroll bar showing the percentage done. I assume that this would be a seperate process from the automatic IS file copys, (I would have to do some script).

At the same time, how can I flash different bit maps about the product, every ten seconds as the file copy\merge is happening.

Even if you can only answer one of the questions above, or, just point me in a dirrection, please do so.