View Full Version : Installing IS Express 3.5 makes ISWI 1.52 unusable

10-30-2001, 04:37 AM
I am not able to install ISExpress together with ISWI 1.52
Probably ISExpress installs a shared component which is incompatible with ISWI 1.52.

What do I have to think about a setup tool, which isn't capable of installing itselft correctly???

Installing ISWI 1.52 -> ISWI 1.52 works
Installing ISExpress 3.5 -> ISExpress works, ISWI 1.52 hangs
Repair ISWI 1.52 -> ISExpress works, ISWI 1.52 hangs
Repair ISExpress -> ISExpress works, ISWI 1.52 hangs
Uninstall ISExpress -> ISWI 1.52 hangs
Uninst ISWI 1.52
Install ISWI 1.52 -> ISWI 1.52 works

Keep ISWI 1.52 running while installing ISExpress 3.5
Ignore the reboot prompt -> ISExpress works, ISWI 1.52 works
Reboot -> ISWI 1.52 hangs

Reinstalling IE and reapplying Service Packs and all the wonderfull stuff you can do to ruin your night, doesn't help!

So what can I do except for trying to locate the troublesome DLL myself and hacking it away?

10-30-2001, 06:52 AM
Actually I located the problem:

"iswizard.dll" is used by both products but incompatible between versions. Very advanced programming!

So I started using two batch files for starting ISExpress and ISWI which copies the appropriate DLL to the correct location.

Can we expect a fix for this?

10-30-2001, 12:31 PM
This has been verified. I have submitted Work Order 1-6WVKR to address this issue. Thank for bringing this up and narrowing down the issue!