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10-18-2000, 12:00 AM
Thanks. It works. However here's another one I am getting:

When I run setup.exe - s

"An internal read error has occured on Disk1\.ins file Unable to load
installation instructions. Error 703
Any ideas?

Thanks again


Shawn Brooks wrote in message <39ec768f@>...
>Put the files on a server somewhere on the network, and have every machine
>that runs InstallShield map the same drive letter to that location. Then
>add the files to your file groups. If you don't have a network server
>available, you can create a share on any network machine and proceed as
>above. Be sure that everyone who will log in and use IS to access the
>shared location has the necessary rights/privileges for the share.
>Hope this helps,
>"Tanya Davids" <davidt4@tdbank.ca> wrote in message
>> Hi all!
>> I've create an install shiled package on my workstation, and it's getting
>> dlls mostly from Winnt/system32.
>> Now when I go to another workstation where the remote installation will
>> running out of, and open my package there, all thise files are not found
>> installshiled. I mean in a FileView, in front of each file name it says
>> "file not found". Is there a way of making those accesable from different
>> workstation, instead of repointing them every time?
>> Thanks
>> Tanya

10-29-2001, 09:32 PM
Hi all...

I am not a developer... I am instead a user who is having some problems installing a couple of programs that use Install Shield. I hope you dont mind me posting this here as I figure that this problem might happen to other people, which is something developers might want to know about.

Anyway... my problem:

I am trying to install a couple of programs and both of them do the exact same thing. They are using Install Sheild Wizard to install. They unpack the files, check for disk space, etc, and then it comes up and says:

"Install Sheild Wizard Completed
The wizard was interuppeted before [programname] could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run setup again."

I try again and again and again - after rebooting, with no programs in the background. Nothing works. I have another computer that the programs install fine on, but the programs are no good to me there.

Can anyone at all please help me? I am pulling my hair out here!

Thanks in advance,

10-31-2001, 05:23 AM
It's a little bit hard to help with this. Anyhow some suggestions:

- first you should contact the vendor of the programs, because he will know best, with which product he built the setup

- can you figure out, if it is a Windows Installer installation or not? It could be helpful to produce or try to find some logging information.

- make sure that the TEMP and TMP variables are set correctly (I had quite some problems with different programs if they are absent or point to an non-existing location)

- empty the TEMP and TMP directories manuall, some installations behave strangely if there are files left from previous installations; also make sure that there is enough space.

- try to find out the differences in the configuration of the machines where the programs install and where they fail. Have a look which versions of IE are installed, which ServicePacks and if you have scripting available