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10-29-2001, 04:54 PM
I've built a Setup script with IS Express 3.03 and have encountered repeatable problems with MDAC installation.

MDAC will not install on a clean build of Win98 (Retail). By default Win98 installs MDAC 1.5. When my setup program is executed everything installs fine except MDAC 2.5. Setup completely skips the MDAC installation.

I've downloaded the most current MDAC25.msm file and that didn't help.

I can manually install MDAC2.5 and then remove the Registry key
[HKLM\Software\Microsoft\DataAccess. If I rerun my Setup program MDAC will now install fine.

Any ideas?

This problem also exists on a clean build of WinNT 4.0 (SP6) with IE4.01 (SP2).


10-30-2001, 11:02 AM
This is really wierd. You're sure you got the latest and greatesr module from the merge module gallery right?

Try the install after cleaning the Temp folders of the 98 and NT machine. Check whether DCOM is installed on the Win98 machine (do a search for dcomconfig.exe).

What happens if you run a Setup with the MDAC 26 merge module? Before you run the Setup, what does the key "FullInstallVer" in [HKLM]\Software\Microsoft\DataAccess specify?

10-30-2001, 12:35 PM
The Registry key FullInstallVer doesn't exist, MDAC 1.5 doesn't set this value.

Dcom wasn't installed by Setup either, dcomconfig.exe doesn't exist on the target PC.

Per the notes in your websites Merge Module page, DCOM95.msm does not install on Win98 systems, only Win95.
Is this possibly the root of my problem.

I downloaded MDAC25.msm yesterday, so I know that file is current. I haven't tried MDAC26.msm yet.

Thanks - Bruce

10-30-2001, 12:41 PM
That could be it. If I am not mistaken the Custom Action that triggers the MDAC install is done ONLY if DCOM is installed. So maybe the DCOM install failed and so MDAC was not installed. This makes a lot of sense now. Could you do me one more huge favor?

On the two target machines, from the Command Line browse to the location of the Setup.exe file. From there type

Setup.exe /v"/lv C:\MDACIssue.txt"

This will create a log file of the install which will tell us exactly what is failing. Please send me the log files to chandimar@installShield.com. Would really appreciate it. Thanks!