View Full Version : problem with "Out of disk space"

06-18-2004, 08:31 AM
Hi there,

I am developing a build for our application which consists of two sub-systems. there are two conditions to check which sub-system is to be installed onto a machine.

one is to check for Visio, if it exists then make sub-system 1 available to the user.

second is a custom application, if this exists, then make sub-system 2 available to the user.

If both exists then show both of them, else quit the setup.

The problem is...

if the machine has visio installed on the machine and the custom application is not installed then the setup is showing Out of diskspace when i select complete installation, although i have sufficient disk space.

this does not happen if i go to custom and select the sub-system1

it works fine with any other combination.

I am completely puzzled.

The help suggests to check for these possibilities.
1. The target disk or directory has insufficient free space
2. the disk space cannot be determined because INSTALLDIR is invalid
3. or a script-defined folder of a feature has not been set

i've ensured that options 1 & 2 are not creating problems.
remaining is the 3rd option. i am not defining any folder for the feature in the script, i have defined this in the feature's components properties dialog box itself.

Can anybody tell me where i am missing out.

Thanks in advance!