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06-16-2004, 06:55 AM
Hi All:

Hi All:
When I use ForceReboot action I met two problems. Here they are.

1. When it asks me to restart it now or not, I click "Yes", and all the applcations are shut down, but machine is not shutdown and restart, the machine just waiting. And after I restart it manually, I find there is no value in registry "RunOnce". However, if I click "No", and restart it later, the installation continue after I log on to windows. So, why this will happen?

2. If I want to add some code when I click "Yes", what can I do? For example, I need to call a function in a dll to inform another application to save something and shut down, so when I click "Yes", I need to call the function, how can it be realized?

Thank you :-)

Best Regards,
Nicky He