View Full Version : MSDE SP3a installer runs after reboot

06-15-2004, 12:06 PM
Here's what I want to do in my installer:

Copy files
Install MSDE SP3a on Windows 2003 server
Run Database script

Here's the problem:
Once the files are copied, MSDE is installed. Then the installer prompts for a reboot. After reboot, the database script is executed. The problem is, after I restart the machine the MSDE SP3a installer starts up and "configures" (for lack of a better word) the database. Then for some reason the MSSQLSERVER service is restarted (I'm assuming by the MSDE installer).

The problem is that my database script is running when the MSSQLSERVER service is restarted, so my script loses connection to the database, and for some reason the database server hangs up restarting so I'm stuck here.

Only way I can get around it is to manually restart MSSQLSERVER service and the SQLSERVERAGENT service. Then if I restart my script, everything works fine.

My question is: what is the MSDE installer doing after a reboot? Is there any way to know when that's done so I know it's safe to use the database?