View Full Version : how to create sql server odbc as same oracle odbc

06-13-2004, 08:06 AM
I went to ask question, in how can create ODBC connection in sql server
,how can use custom dialogs to create ODBC connection ,and check database ,can I use DLL write in c# and use it in script (assembly ) or just DLL write in visual c++(like installed shield 7),I went design custom dialog contain fowling filed
Username, DSN, password to check if ODBC connect to create database dynamically
, how can make it, can I use DLL write in c# and use it, in
(installed shield x premier edition ), when I use toolbox in installed shield x, and drag control does not appear control , can any body give me as ample code ,or link in site to solve this problem, and thank you .

remark: i use installshield x premier edition .