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06-11-2004, 09:05 PM
BUG: The .NET COM Interop Does Not Generate a Type Library
After using the .NET COM Interop feature, the .NET object may not be accessible to all COM clients.

Man has this caused a lot of development hours and money around the globe. I thought with InstallShield X I could put my batch file and rigging skills away.

Use regasm with the /tlb option on your development machine to create a type library.

Add the TLB file to a different component, and set that component to use COM extraction at build.

My Question:
Where do set the .tlb's as a destination? If you put the gac, you get warnings. Do you put it in a dummy file, windows, etc...?
Anyway, I did try this with 2003 and it did not work. Maybe I'm missing a step. Can anybody elaborate or make more detailed the instructions in the workaround above.

Thanks for your time.