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06-10-2004, 06:09 AM
Hai all!!

To begin with i am a Beginer in install shield Dev studio.

I want a VBScript to execute and disable a contron on the form.

I want to load "L1","L2","L3","L4" as list items in the list box using VB Script

How can i access the controls on the form. Using VBScript.

I dont want to messup with the Installshild scripting language.

I would like to start very easyly.

I could not find helpfull example in Installshield help.

So any one sends the code i will be happy.


happy singh
06-10-2004, 06:26 AM
Hey Vinay,

Welcome to the exicting world of InstallShield.

Anyway as far as your problem is concerned, please tell which kind of project are you using i.e. whether its a InstallScipt MSI project or is it a basic MSI project..??


06-10-2004, 10:56 PM
I am using NET32 API for loading all the SQL servers available i got some code from my senior and i wrote the same code for populatig the combo box

There is some thing like
#define CustomDialog 1023
what is this 1023
i searched in all the MSI database but i dint get a colum containing 1023 from where do you get this 1023

its too complex to handle things with this manner so i wanted an easy way of doing this with VB script i am using a BASICMSI project to do things.

and i have a problem getting the edit boxes on the form.

you know its not like VB forms. even though they look alike.

do you have any simple code to get the control on the form and can you discribe the sample code in a better manner.

like you say customdialog but the name is not given for any dialog which is listed. and you say some times mydialog also but you dont find it in any of the tables in the database.

and this mydialog also dosnt appear in the dialog list shown.

still the code works.
i dont know how it works.

i tried installshield help its not for beginers what i understood.

Can you do the favour for me by sending some exmple with explanation.

like what is 1023
and what is mydialog
and all such things

With regards