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06-08-2004, 09:46 PM
I'm working to create new installers for our application and am looking for some insight on how to create a set of installers that can do the following:

- Main installer: Contains the main application and all of the files it requires to run. This would be the all .exe, .dll and config files.

- Examples installer - This installer would contain example files that are not required by the main application to run, but are a supplement to the main application. The user can download and install these if they would like too, or not install them at all.

The installation procedure would be to run the Main installer first followed by the Examples installer. The Examples installer would not add files to the system unless it could be verified that the Main installer had been run and installed the main application. The Examples installer would then add the new files to the main application directory structure.

The requirement that I have is that when the Main application is uninstalled through ARP is the example files that were added to the main application installation are removed during the same uninstallation process. I would also not like to have the Examples installation show up in ARP, since it is an additional component of the main application.

Is there anyone else out there who has done something similar? If so could you help me out by either explaining to me what you have done or pointint me in the direction of some good material on how to accomplish this. All help is appreciated...