View Full Version : ISX3.5 Evaluation (Testing) & importing projects from ISX3.03 !!!!Please answer!!!!

10-24-2001, 09:20 AM

I have another question.
When i try to complinig imported project from ISX3.03 i have error -1015
that reports about not enough disk space,
hard disk is very large about 20gigs free space, in help i can find some
informations about mising files, and exactly i don't have these files,
even better i don't have some directories to.

Is that only ISX3.5 evaluation problem, does ISX3.5 'full' manage that
task properly.
Beceause of that i still can't decide what to do, stay with 3.03 or buy

Please answer!

10-25-2001, 08:54 AM
Did you Export a String Table, translate it, change the language ID and reimport the project? If so this is a know bug.

If you get this error just by upgrading a project (that built fine in 3.03) from 3.03 to 3.51, that is something we haven't heard of. If so could you send me your 3.03 project to chandimar@installshield.com?


10-25-2001, 12:03 PM
Yes, I've exported the stringTable and I've translated it to Polish I changed the LanguageID to 1045(I was doing this in ISX3.03).

Then I've decided to change version 3.03 to 3.51.
I've donload 3.51Eval from Your's FTP.

For safety i've instaled new version on independet computer.
Then simply I copied project from version 3.03 to this computer.
and opened copied project in 3.51 just like that File->Open
Everything is OK but when i tryed to compile project i get known error.

10-29-2001, 11:34 AM
What happens if you DON'T change the Language ID before importing. I remember seeing something floating around here about an error with the Documentation because Express does not support changing the Language ID. Keep me updated because we are addressing this issue in the current maintenance pack. Thanks!