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10-24-2001, 09:03 AM

As happens in the life cycle of any good application; "It's time to do the upgrade". The user population is spread out all over the country and to make matters worse 80% are modem users. Obviously distribution package size is an issue.

90% of the application is made up of static support files which do not need to be touched or are updated programmatically. I made an install package of the 10% that DID change, configuring the Upgrade Path option to the previous installation's msi file.

I then installed the upgrade package which completed successfully.

However the upgrade package uninstalled the 90% that I did not include in the upgrade project.

How can I defeat this behavior?


Maurits Vlasman
10-24-2001, 09:51 AM

i am almost sure this is not possible using ISX, because each setup is a full setup, with just an option to uninstall any previous version automatically before installing your new version (the upgrade paths). Even this uninstallation will now allways work, with multiple icons in the Add/Remove Programs list as a result.


10-25-2001, 08:30 AM
This is correct. The Upgrade Paths feature directly exposes the Upgrade Table of the Windows Installer. This supports Major Upgrades only and will uninstall the previous version and then put the newer version. If you want to replace just specific files Patching would be the way to go. This is supported in InstallShield Developer 7.0.

Maurits Vlasman
10-26-2001, 09:03 AM
You could, however, create a patch using ISX, but you need to manually change the SETUP.INI. This sometimes works.

See Q105223 at the knowledge base of InstallShield Support.