View Full Version : “Incorrect command line parameter”

06-07-2004, 07:28 AM
I am preparing a basic MSI project and I have a couple questions. 1) The way I understand the “Test” button in the IDE is that when selected it would just go through the user interface but not copy any files or update the registry. When I select test not only does the user interface run but it copies files, updates the ODBC datasources, and updates the registry. The project appears to run to a normal successfully completion. 2) When I attempt to select the “Run” button for the exact project described in #1 I get an error “Incorrect command line parameter” (see attachment). I also tried to run the “setup” from DISK1 image and get the same error. What could be causing this problem I’m not entering any command line parameters at all (as far as I can tell)