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06-04-2004, 02:11 AM
Hi InstallShield.

I am creating a big setup project for an client/server model and i saw that InstallShield X has a unfinished feature implemented.

I mean "Batch Build" in Releases.

First: I can't define a ranking list for building!
Second: I would suguest to implement BatchBuild in the left Side under Media or in the Releases Container with a defined BatchBuild!

For the first i have found a workaround:
I have renamed the Media Releasename in
"1_FirstMedia", 2_SecondMedia" and so on!

Please implement this in the next version!

thanks BugKiller

04-19-2005, 07:24 AM
InstallShield don't like sugguestions!

I don't know why but i know that IS is developing more and more bugs!
The bugs are going from one to the next versions.

No bugfix/servicepack is available for reproducible errors.
No bugfix since one year of IS X release.

Why does IS has an update function? Is it only for add ons or library updates?
Please release a servicepack that contains some bugfixes for IS X.

Why it is so hard to do this?
I know!
I have an old version and you developing a newer version IS XI.
No time for bugfixing.

Is it right?
That's my impression!