View Full Version : Compile failure with SQL Servers configuration

06-03-2004, 11:03 AM
When trying to created a new SQL Server connection, I am consistently getting the following compile failure:

1. Create a new Windows Installer InstallScript MSI Project

2. Create New SQL Connection:
Resolve conflict dialog appears:
Action caRemoveVRoots
Description ##IDS_ACTIONTEXT_124## ##

Action caCreateVRoots
Description ##IDS_ACTIONTEXT_123## ##

3. Compile

String id IDS_ACTIONTEXT_124 was not found, Error -3028

Resource compiler failed to build _ISUser1033.res required to link DLL, Error -6118

Compile log:

Building RES file: _ISUser1033.res
NewBinary5 is not in 3.00 format.

NOTE: The exactly the same compile failure occurs with Database Import Wizard

4. Delete errant SQL Server configuration and re-compile: Same compile failure.

David Thornley
06-04-2004, 02:40 PM
Do you have any IIS virtual roots in your project. These errors realate to that.

Can you reproduce these errors in a new InstallScript MSI project or just in the project you have upgraded.

You can create string table entries for IDS_ACTIONTEXT_124 and IDS_ACTIONTEXT_123 and set them to bogus text as an immediate workarround.

06-04-2004, 03:46 PM
I've got some further information from InstallShield support (Michael), including what is a simple workaround.

1) Create a new InstallScript MSI project
2) Go to the SQL Servers view, right click, and "Add New Connection" (and then skip the conflicts that come up)
3) Go to the Dialogs view, select "InstallWelcome", and delete it
4) Go to the property manager and add IS_SQLSERVER_DIALOG, and just give it a value of 0.

Then from here build the project and test its behavior. If that works you can apply steps 3 and 4 in your main project.