View Full Version : NEWBIE: Append/Update Files...

10-23-2001, 10:24 AM
Hi - before I begin, just a quick "cool" to InstallShield - I downloaded the program last night and today I have built a unique install package - v. easy to use.

However, I have come across a problem...

We have a package that needs to do two things - add new files/folders to a previously installed program and update certain files in the program with new code....

The add functionality is fine - did that straight away - but the problem is when (or how) we append to files.

There are 5 files that need "updating" - all are xml based code - so no compiling needed - just a simple insert will do for 4 of them - but the 5th needs to have it's contents inserted before the last (closing) tag on the xml page. CAN THIS BE DONE

Or, can we rename current files, install our versions (with older content added to them) and then create an uninstall that allows us to remove our files and replace the "renamed" files to their original form?



10-25-2001, 07:53 AM
What you are trying to do is rather complex. The ideal solution for this would be to use Patching. But unfortunately that is suppoerted only in InstallShield Developer 7.0.

With Express, the cleanest option (I can think of) would be to use an Upgrade Path. But this will TOTALLY uninstall your previous version and then install the newer version. Like you suggested you can create a separate install to install renamed files and run a Custom Action to remove the old ones. Only problem with this approach is that there will be TWO instances of your program in the Add/Remove Programs (ARP) panel. It's pretty much like having two separate programs installed. With Patching, you can just replace or alter a few files (without adding a new entry to ARP).