View Full Version : Layout Advice

Bruce Gardner
06-02-2004, 04:43 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm seeking some advice as to how I should layout our installation. I'm developing a multi-platform installer w/ IS X. Several of our ‘features’ are very large. For example, our Documentation feature is 100MB (on the target system). The previous developer, using InstallAnywhere, used a custom bean that was written by him to extract the documentation out to the target dir from a jar file on the installation media (doc.jar).
In IS X, I’m doing essentially the same thing, using the ‘SampleJarExtractorProductAction.class’, which came with ISMP 5.0. However, I’m running into two problems:

1) Its SLOW. It takes forever for InstallShield to extract doc.jar to the target system. It takes longer for InstallShield to extract this one jar than it did InstallAnywhere to perform the entire installation. I know, I’m comparing apples to oranges here, but I must find a way to reduce the time it takes to install these files. I’m not committed to the idea of using the .jar paradigm. I also tried just copying the entire /doc directory from the media to the target and that takes even longer than the jar extraction. One other thing I thought of (but haven’t tried yet) is to copy the .jar to the target system, extract it from there (instead of from the media), and then remove the .jar from the target system after extraction is complete. This probably won’t help, since I have the additional overhead of copying the .jar from the media.

2) The InstallShield Progress bar doesn’t seem to take into account the time needed to execute custom beans. So, in my case, the progress bar will quickly reach 97% (which is where it reaches the jar extractor custom bean) and then it just sits there. My customers will surely think that their system is hung.

Thank in advance for any suggestions.