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06-02-2004, 09:30 AM
Hi Community members,
I am having one of those strangest problems in Minor upgrade. This is how it goes:
I am using InstallShield Developer 7.04 ->Basic MSI.
I have released version 2.0 of my product and now there are some file changes and couple of new files which warrant for a Minor upgrade. In my version 2.0 I had only one feature (This had a mergemodule and .net custom action.I was putting a bunch of assemblies into the GAC). In this version (which is version 2.1). I have one new feature and the files associated with it (I have to replace one assembly in the GAC and some new files on the disk).

Once I do the minor upgrade, I use the Tools->Generate Patch option to create a patch. For the Patch I ensure that the commandline is ADDLOCAL=<my new feature> and I have REINSTALL="" and REINSTALLMODE="". (Basically I flush the default settings for REINSTALL and REINSTALLMODE).

Now after I run my patch on a machine which has 2.0, the patching to 2.1 is happening very successfully. I am happy about that. The intended things happen. But when I uninstall the product, everything which had been installed by 2.0 is going off expect for 2.1 things like the new files and all my assemblies in GAC remain. They are not getting uninstalled.

I have a feeling that when I install the patch, the Version2.0 installer database is not getting updated about the New Feature which has been installed and hence doesnot uninstall the items.

I need some major help for this "minor" upgrade problem.

Any clue\direction is highly appreciated


06-08-2004, 01:16 AM
Please check the file attributes of the Installed Patch file.

If the Installed files are in readOnly mode then the Uninstallation wont remove those files during Uninstallation.