View Full Version : Windows 95 and critical errors

10-23-2001, 06:53 AM
I have recently upgraded from installshield express 2.13 to InstallShield 3.51 and have nothing but difficulty with the new product.When I install the third program of my suite I encounter
the dreaded windows blue screen.The error I'm actually getting is

'A 32-bit device driver has corrupted critical system memory,resulting in an execption 0E at 0028:C0231936 in Vxd VMM(0D) + 00001936. This was called from 0028:c1006BAA in VxD CDFS(04) + 00000046.'

Os is Windows 95 Version 4.00.950 B

Firstly Does InstallShield work on Win95
If yes Does Win95 need any service packs

10-23-2001, 08:15 AM
InstallShield setups do work on Win 95 systems as they does on other Win 32 systems. When you get that error, do the Win95 system crash, which is to say that, Does the Operating System have to be reloaded in order to use again? If that is the case, then it means that your setup has some system specific files that you should not redeploy with your setup. Check the files that are being installed in the System directory.

If your setup does not crash your system, then we'll need some more information to get to the core of the issue.
1. When you do get that error? That is during file transfer or via dialog or at the end of the setup?
2. Do you any custom actions in your setup?