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06-01-2004, 01:14 AM

Currently I have a myprojsetup.exe. In this setup, if the product is already installed, the UI sequence shows the standard maintainance dialog box.

I have modified my ism file so that in my new myprojsetup.exe the UI sequence has been altered to show a different dialog box if the product is already installed.

If I do a fresh install with new myprojsetup.exe and then again double click on the new myprojsetup.exe again, as expected it shows the different dialog box whixh I have put above.

If the old myprojsetup.exe is already installed on a machine and I double click the new myprojsetup.exe, it still shows the old maintainance dialog box.

Why?? Can I make it show my new dialog box even if the old myprojsetup.exe was installed earlier?

I am using Installshield Developer version 7.02

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06-01-2004, 12:00 PM
this is because if you have already installed a package, the installer will take the cached package, rather the new one, because it looks as if they are the same.

there is no way to get your new dialog for the old setup (and have the windows installer work afterwards correctly)

you could make a major upgrade (which will install your new setup over the old one) or build a patch to deploy your new ui.