View Full Version : installing .net framework, msi engine, and mdac from ftp locations

05-29-2004, 11:37 PM

I am using Devstudio 9 thru vs.net 2003. i have created my setup to run from the internet because i want to provide a one-click solution to people downloading my software. i am wondering how i can make the setup package (1) detect if the .net framework, msi engine, and mdac are already in the target machine and then (2) if they are not there, it installs them from ftp locations (mine or microsoft's or whatever). i dont wanna package the .net framework, msi engine, and mdac in the setup file - they are too big and many people already have them installed. how do i make it fetch these three from ftp only if they are not present in the target machine? if i can get a fairly detailed answer as this is my first few times with devstudio, that would be great :) (at least with help file references where i should check if at all i have to write the script myself outside of the gui wizards). thanks so much!

oh, by the way, my project type is installscript from the vs.net 2003 ide.

Thanks and have a nice day :)