View Full Version : Error - 1309 HELLLLLP

05-27-2004, 06:41 AM
I create a InstallScript MSI with IS X. Installs fine. I am compressing the files, MSI is download, ISScript is included (extract from setup.exe). No problems, install is great. I do have the Cache Web Download to YES.

I then issue an update (full build with automatic upgrade). Just a minor upgrade, few files change, no code changes in the installer.

Using the Update Service, it recognizes a new version exists, downloads in the background (ISUS Professional), then when it goes to install, the user gets an Error 1309.

From what I can tell in searching on 1309 in this forum, this is a result of the Cache Web Download. So I'm recompiling my installations with Cache Web Download to NO.

Without the installation cached, will I be able to release a patch in the future or is it required to have the prior installs cached to patch?

Any other ideas about this error 1309?