View Full Version : New Major Upgrade Project - Am I Screwed?

05-26-2004, 07:38 PM
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I'm now in charge of creating a new major upgrade project using IS X and a Basic MSI project. I think I may be in for some trouble.

Here is a list of all the previous versions of our application that I need to upgrade with my one new installation.

Package Code
v3.0 {07B110AF-2544-4A52-9E01-DBE86341D038}
v3.1 {A56FFC9B-E625-4E0C-9DA4-80782AFC71AB}
v3.1 Beta Upgrade {835F419F-F3BD-4BD2-9808-CF95B386CB7D}
v3.1 SP1 {41372E34-1801-4A66-96C4-92D77E4E29EC}
v3.2 <new>

Product Code
v3.0 {B6295450-45A7-459A-8FCB-34A3503EE7D0}
v3.1 {30D30D24-6A63-4DD7-9E1F-5D2ED85C0793}
v3.1 Beta Upgrade {9FE7345E-2DAC-48E5-9754-2E461D05AD2A}
v3.1 SP1 {50949786-50E8-4D38-97AF-D83814874D23}
v3.2 <new>

Upgrade Code
v3.0 {1766E9ED-B2F0-42A5-B57F-AE9CEF683372}
v3.1 {1766E9ED-B2F0-42A5-B57F-AE9CEF683372}
v3.1 Beta Upgrade {54B901AD-B1E3-41A0-B369-00CF5BD2B839}
v3.1 SP1 {FA390C40-CBD0-4467-8FC4-7941A311B2AE}
v3.2 <new>

v3.0 ServicePlus
v3.1 ServicePlus
v3.1 Beta Upgrade ServicePlus Beta
v3.1 SP1 ServicePlus v3.1 SP1
v3.2 <new>

v3.0 3.00.0000
v3.1 Beta Upgrade
v3.1 SP1
v3.2 <new>

As you can see, the previous versions have a mixture of ProductCodes, PackageCodes, UpgradeCodes, ProductNames, and ProductVersions.

So, my questions are:

* Will it be possible to develop one new installation that will major upgrade all of these previous versions?

* Or, will I have to handle each previous version separately?

* What does the IS population recommend?


05-26-2004, 10:29 PM
For a major upgrade, it's the UpgradeCode of the previous version that matters (well, that and the ProductVersion value); you can make a single project with multiple Upgrade-table entries that should do the trick.

07-12-2004, 01:34 PM
Since we'll have more than one upgrade code in the Upgrade table, should the ActionProperty be the same for all rows (i.e., should the value of ActionProperty be ISACTIONPROP1 for all rows in our Upgrade table)? Or, should each row have a different value for ActionProperty?

07-12-2004, 01:37 PM
ICE61 (and Val008) says that each Upgrade record should have a unique action property.