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05-26-2004, 03:48 AM
I know that this question has been asked in a number of variations in a number of threads, but not recently and not defintively answered - that I can find.

I am using Universal Installer X to build a Windows install, and as part of the installation of one of my components, I add a new folder to the PATH environment variable using an Environment Variable Update bean. PATH is updated, as shown by both DOS and Windows.

The help for the Environment Variable Update bean states that any changes made to environment variables during an install will be removed during an uninstall.

This does not appear to be happening - after the uninstall (which has correctly removed everything else), the folder still appears in PATH.

This is not initially a problem, but after every install/uninstall cycle, the folder is added but not removed, and you soon end up with a PATH dominated by my folder.

I am running the installer under Windows XP Professional.

Any advice?

Edited 11.00 (GMT):
On closer inspection, I am still getting the problem of the folder not being removed from the PATH on uninstall, but not the problem of multiple instances of the folder added to the PATH by successive install/uninstall cycles. I did at one point have the same folder appearing numerous times, but can no longer repeat this - either Universal Installer or Windows is checking PATH for the folder before adding a duplicate.

03-23-2005, 02:31 PM
I noticed the same problem. It is apparently a bug and was fixed when I upgraded to InstallShield 10.5.