View Full Version : Download web cache option doesn´t remove old files

05-24-2004, 06:06 AM
InstallShield Developer 7.04
Basic MSI Project
Build a Setup.exe (I need MSI engine included)

Cache Web Download: Yes
Cache Path : [WindowsFolder]Downloaded Installations

In earlier versions of InstallShield Developer when I Upgrade my product a message "....*.msi already exists. Would you like to replace it? " was showed.

Now this problem seems to be solved (great!! ), it create a new folder with a new identification number for each installation in the C:\winnt\\Downloaded Installations (win 2000) which have the msi file, then the autorepare works fine with a setup.exe (the only way I found)

The problem is what happend with these msi files when I uninstall my products, nobody remove them (even after a reeboot) then the downloaded installations folder will be increased every time I upgrade my product and this space never will be restore :confused:

How can I force to delete this file when my product is unistalled ??
Anybody of InstallShield can explain me how it works ?

Thanks in advanced