View Full Version : Baffled why installer wants to repair installation

Phil Jollans
05-21-2004, 08:56 AM
If I install our application and select all features, then everything works fine. However, if I select a certain subset of the features, the windows installer keeps popping up to repair the installation.

In one particular case, it is clearly associated with a particular COM component. As a test, I have tried to create this COM object from a VB-Script file and as soon as the script tries to create the object, the windows installer pops up.

In fact, it usually pops up at least three times in a row, before the script can continue.

I have checked the COM registration and it all appears to be OK and the required component is present. The only unusual thing is the curious InprocServer32 value which the windows installer creates. As I understand it, this is part of the mechanism, which causes the Windows Installer to pop up, but not the root cause.

The root cause must be, that Windows Installer thinks that something is messed up in the installation, but I can't figure out what.

However, I have figured out something. If I select one specific additional feature in the installation, then everything works fine. That seems to narrow the problem down. However, there is nothing remotely relevant in this additional feature. It contains no files or registry entries which are required for the first feature.

In fact, even if this additional feature did contain a file which was required for the first feature, the Windows Installer would not know anything about it. This might cause a run time error, but it would not cause the Installer to to try to repair anything.

At present, I am baffled and frustrated by this problem.


05-24-2004, 12:02 PM
look into the eventlog, the cause for the trigger of windows installer is noted there

you should also validate your package and remove any error message encountered, for this may be a cause for your problem