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05-21-2004, 08:54 AM
I started off creating my Basic MSI setup in InstallShield Developer 7. Over time I upgraded to Developer 8 with no problems at all. I have now upgraded to IS X and whilst the setup builds with no errors, it will no longer install, failing with "Setup Interrupted".

Extract from the log which may be of interest:

1: Error with IISRT: 259
DEBUG: Error 2769: Custom Action caExtractIISSuppFiles did not close 1 MSIHANDLEs.
Internal Error 2769. caExtractIISSuppFiles, 1
Action ended 14:03:13: caExtractIISSuppFiles. Return value 3.
Action ended 14:03:13: INSTALL. Return value 3.

Looking in IIS Config under Server Configuration, there is now nothing there, but I used to have 2 websites being created.

Anyone know if these 2 things are related or I have missed the cause of the error?

Also, can I get my websites back out of the backed-up .ism file? It's so long since I set them up, I can't remember what I need!


05-27-2004, 05:10 PM
v8 ism attached as requested.

05-27-2004, 05:34 PM
As a test (backup your current ism) you can try deleting everything that is IIS related. Via the Direct Editor, delete everything in the IISCommon table. Then delete the IIS custom actions by (1) going to the Custom Actions view (2) right-clicking and choose 'Show All Custom Actions, then (3) deleting caCreateVRoots, caExtractIISSuppFiles, caIISCleanup, caRemoveVRoots, and caRlbackVRoots.

Rebuild your project and this might resolve the runtime error.

Secondly, you should be able to rename the backed up project and open it again to see your old IIS info. Does that not work? If it does work, you can use that to recreate your websites.

I hope this helps.

06-04-2004, 07:08 AM
I have a similar problem. I too receive the same messages in my uninstall error log.

My program Installs and works fine, problem is I get a "Fatal error during installation" message at the very end of the uninstall. The only thing that stands out are the same entries you received in the error log.

*I did try your solution hoping it may work for my problem as well. Unfortunately, it did not work. Now I receive the "Fatal Error ...." message right off the bat during the uninstall instead of at the very end (saves some time at least).

06-07-2004, 09:01 AM
Can you log the uninstall to see which action causes the fatal error?

06-07-2004, 09:08 AM
Sure thing.

I already posted the log and .ism at this thread I created on Friday night. No replies to it yet though. If needed I do have some other install/uninstall files to go with this.

To note, I have seen the -IISRT error on successful install/uninstalls as well not in bad install/uninstalls only.


06-17-2004, 04:47 PM
I ran into the same issue with my custom action. I upgraded an ishield 8 installer to 10 and ran into the same installation interrupted issue.

MSI (s) (94:34): Doing action: CheckRegEntryForReboot
Action start 13:06:35: CheckRegEntryForReboot.
MSI (s) (94:34): Creating MSIHANDLE (280) of type 790542 for thread 3380
Action ended 13:06:36: CheckRegEntryForReboot. Return value 3.
MSI (s) (94:34): Machine policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0

I then tried changing my custom action to just display a message box, but that didn't change the behavior. if i remove the custom action then it runs fine.

Any suggested resolution would be helpful.


06-18-2004, 10:49 AM
I have seen similar issues while testing IIS on the same machine over and over (an unclean machine, something end users should not run in to).

I overcame this by testing with a 'clean' vmware image every time. This seemed to fix the issue at this thread:

However, if this does not fix the issue, we would certainly want to know about it. It looks like it fixed the issue in the other thread.

10-20-2004, 12:22 PM
Ok, for anyone interested I have found the solution to my problem:

Basically in the upgrade to ISX, the 8 properties starting PROGMSG_IIS_ were either lost or not added in. This is what was causing caExtractIISSuppFiles to fail. Put them in (copying from a brand new ISX ism) and it works a treat.